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390Rutaganira returns to prison to visit Zaninka and Mbarubukeye. To their dismay, he explains how well he has been received back into the community. Samusoni is encouraging Gafarasi to take revenge on the vandals, much to the disappointment of Shema and Batamuriza.
389Gasore is beaten on his way home from Shantali's house. He explains what happened to Rutaganira and Shantali. Shema and Batamuriza denounce Gafarasi's plans of revenge.
388Now Shantali's family as well as Gasore's family are against their marriage. Gafarasi starts to organizes others from Mugereko to carry out his vendetta against those who vandalised his property.
387Rutaganira begins work in the cooperative with his former friends and enemies. Everyone notices how much he has changed. Shema and Samuson try to convince Gafarasi not to take revenge on those who caused the famine in Mugereko.
386Rutaganira visits Bumanzi to meet Samvura and Nyirandatwa; they greet him with open arms. Mandeve writes a letter terminating Batamuriza's employment as she has been absent for several days.

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