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350Bahize is sent to the same prison that Zaninka and Rutaganira are for his witchcraft and cursing of Shantali. Batamuriza and Shema organize visiting their parents who are now both in prison.
349The committee that sentenced the perpetrators is praised for its effectiveness and impartiality by both sides.
348Zaninka is sentenced to six years in prison; Rutaganira is only sentenced to six months in prison. Batamuriza, Shema and Samusoni are fed up with all of the violence in their area. They renew their efforts at peace building in the region.
347Zaninka and Bahizi take revenge on Shantali for incriminating them in the attacks on Bumanzi. Batamuriza and Shema find a wounded person who has been robbed in Mugereko and take him to the hospital.
346When Mbarubukeye gave evidence during his court appearance he couldn’t bring himself to tell the whole truth. Rutaganira’s testimony is held in very high regard, but it leads him to fall out with Zaninka. Batamuriza and Shema decide to name their child Umuhuza Mediatrice Shema. They chose the name to remind themselves of all the hard times they have been through.

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