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355After having been pardoned by Shantali, Bahizi is released from prison. Zaninka is mad with Bahizi for apologising to Shantali. Samusoni is attacked and robbed for helping Shema and Batamuriza in their attempt to reduce the violence in Mugereko.
354Shantali forgives Bahizi for his actions. Hirwa is concerned when he receives a threatening letter from a mystery person.
353Bahizi writes a letter to Shantali telling her how he tried to separate her from Gasore.
352The impartial committee has helped both of the villages in their productivity. After being fired Mwalimu goes back to the students he used to teach to continue inciting conflicts between the students.
351The committee organizes the return of stolen property and the payment of reparations to victims. Batamuriza’s maternity leave comes to an end; on her first day back she receives a letter from her boss. Rutaganira advises his brother to confess to his crimes and show remorse for his actions.

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