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345The conflict resolution committee is happy with the way that justice is being carried out. Whilst Batamuriza and Shema are cooking dinner, a wild animal gets into the house, making them worry about security.
344Kananga and Mugenga, who were previously enemies from opposing villages, now want to live together in exile. Samusoni finally comes to see Batamuriza, Shema and their new daughter.
343The committee was appreciative of the way Rutaganira behaved in court. Mubaraza is anxious; she tells Fidusia that she suspects she is pregnant again.
342Rutaganira’s day in court arrives. He truthfully answers every question he is asked. This causes tensions between him and his mother. Manyobwa hires a female maid, which causes tension between him and his wife.
341Rutaganira’s sentencing is looming and his and his family’s anxiety continues to rise. Whilst on the run, Kananga bumps into Batamuriza and Shema and asks them for directions. Mwalimu is fired from the school for teaching negative messages.

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