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370Zaninka and Bahizi once again succeed in causing issues between Gasore and Shantali. Hirwa is imprisoned on suspicion of forcing himself on Kamurisa.
369Zaninka tries to get Bahizi to separate Gasore and Shantali. Batamuriza and Shema continue their peace campaign. Meanwhile, Kamurisa vanishes from school.
368Zaninka continues to look for ways to ruin Gasore's wedding. Shema, Batamuriza and Samusoni try to convince Fabian to join their peace club, but he refuses.
367Gasore is concerned about the fact that almost all of his family is in prison. He is worried that the wedding won't happen, but Batamuriza and Shema reassure him.
366Bahizi is arrested for vandalising property in Bumanzi. Gasore and Shantali ask Batamuriza and Shema for advice on how to overcome problems in their relationship.

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