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310Gasore tries to explain to Shantali that the message she received was not from him, but Shantali does not believe him. Shema continues to pressure Batamuriza to resign from her job.
309Batamuriza falls out with her boss; he changes her timetable, making her work from the field the following day. He says he will visit her there tomorrow. This worries Batamuriza; she thinks he has been listening in on her conversations.
308Shantali receives a message she thinks is from Gasore saying they have to separate. Batamuriza warns a colleague about her boss’s inappropriate behaviour. Hirwa’s father continues to disapprove of his peace building activities in school.
307Kananga and Bahizi are trying to separate Gasore and Shantali, just because she is from the opposing village. Batamuriza tells Shema why she is angry with her boss; it transpires that her boss tried to force her to kiss him.
306The details of the proposal for the two villages to work together are finally agreed upon. Zaninka and Anastasia are still against the idea. Batamuriza falls out with her boss.

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