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385There is no development in the search for Batamuriza. Shema condemns Fabian for the accusations he made.
384Rutaganira arrives home and reunites with his neighbours and family. He tries to convince them that he has changed. Fabian snaps at Shema and Samuson, he thinks they are not doing enough to try and get Batamuriza back home. The continuing quarrels in Mugereko have caused a famine in the entire region.
383Zaninka finds out about Batamuriza's kidnapping and is really very concerned about her.
382The two villages have a meeting to discuss how best to reintegrate ex-prisoners back into society. There is still no word of Batamuriza from the kidnappers; her friends, family, and colleagues are really worried. Meanwhile, Rutaganira finishes his prison sentence and makes his way home, much to the dismay of Zaninka and Bahizi.
381Residents of Bumanzi are concerned with the escalating levels of violence and criminality in Mugereko. Shema is devastated about Batamuriza's kidnapping; Samuson and Muhorakeye try to comfort him. Rutaganira is preparing for his release from prison; he fully intends to live peacefully amongst people from each village.

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