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360Mukahirwa and Shantali bring food and drinks when they visit Rutaganira and Zaninka in prison, but Zaninka is convinced that they are poisoned. Shema rounds up more people to advocate non-violence and peace building in the region.
359Mukandutiye starts to see the financial benefits of the cooperative; the valley between the two villages is flourishing. Fidusia and Josiane find out that Mudaraza plans to rape Melodie.
358Rutaganira tells his neighbours who come and visit him that he is learning from his prison sentence; he has befriended his former enemies. Batamuriza's boss compliments her on her looks, and tells her he hopes she becomes pregnant again soon.
357Zaninka is bitterly angry about her prison sentence; she blames everyone but herself. Shema and Batamuriza are confident that their actions can put an end to violence in the region; they can already see significant changes in people's behaviour.
356Residents of the two villages continue to help each other without insults or violence. Batamuriza and Shema are chosen to represent the freedom fighters in Mugereko in their attempt to stop violence in the region. Mwalimu gives Didier forty thousand francs as a bribe to help him to spread conflict and hatred between the students.

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