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335After being called to appear in court, Kananga disappears. Zaninka blames his disappearance on her sons. Batamuriza’s boss comes to visit her in hospital, they are all proud of their new born daughter. At school, Hirwa and the other club members celebrate reaching their targets.
334The conflict resolution team working between the two villages indicts several more vandals and trouble makers. Kananga is called up. Batamuriza goes into labour and her baby is delivered prematurely, but the baby is fine. Josiane is really worried about the security in Mugereko and consults Melodie for some advice.
333The legacy of Munyemanzi’s family is still causing tension. They call a meeting to try and sort the issues out. Batamuriza falls sick again and returns to the hospital with Shema.
332The effects of working together as a cooperative are already visible: the crop production has increased, relationships between the villages have improved, and the welfare of the residents of both villages is much better.
331Zaninka begs Shantali for forgiveness over the way she has behaved towards her. The peace club receives significant support from the school administration.

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