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325Mugenga is afraid of the decisions the court will arrive at. He decides to run away, rather than facing justice. At hospital, Batamuriza finds out their child will be a girl. Shema is delighted! Shantali finds out Gasore is innocent; she forgives him.
324Rutaganira wants the punishment of those involved in the crimes to be postponed, but his suggestion is disregarded. Batamuriza tells her boss how surprised she was to receive a pay rise.
323It turns out it was Kananga who tried to separate Gasore and Shantali. After all the unrest with her boss, Batamuriza receives a letter telling her she has had a pay rise. Seromba and Manyobwa finally have their child.
322The time for justice has come, many people are feeling anxious and on edge. Anastasia wants to see the Muhumuro vandals severely punished.
321Shantali isnít interested in Gasoreís excuses; she still thinks that Gasore has been dishonest. Seromba and Manyobwa are at the hospital, waiting to deliver their child.

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