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380Gasore and Shantali agree to fix the date of the wedding for as soon as possible. On her way back from work Batamuriza is kidnapped.
379Nyirandatwa and Mukandutiye are pleased about Rutaganira's newfound friendship with his previous enemies. At work, Batamuriza explains what happened the previous night to Muhorakeye. They both agree something must be done.
378Zaninka and Bahizi are both angry with Gasore about his plans to marry Shantali, purely because she is from Bumanzi. Meanwhile thieves break into Batamuriza and Shema's house at night.
377Gasore tells Zaninka and Rutaganira that Shantali is pregnant, so they are definitely going to marry. Shema continues to try to persuade Batamuriza to resign from her job.
376 Chantali's fertility test results confirm that there is no problem, which is a great relief for everyone. Fabiane and Mudarazamake plan to ruin Batamuriza and Shema's peace plans.

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