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315Rutaganira begins campaigning amongst his friends to be elected for the Muhumuro and Bumanzi coalition forum, but he doesn’t have much luck. Batamuriza’s letter says she must return to work immediately, but Shema isn’t happy.
314The cooperation between the two villages is a success, but some citizens are not doing their share of the work. Batamuriza recovers from her spell of poor health, but Shema is still taking care of her. In the middle of the night, Muhoraleye brings an urgent message to Batamuriza from her boss.
313Gasore’s family are intrigued as to who his girlfriend is, but he won’t tell them. Josiane is considering telling all of Mudaraza’s secrets to the village after he rejected her.
312Anastasia is against the cooperatives; she wants to change the group she works into one without any of Rutaganira’s family in it.
311Cooperatives begin between the two villages. Batamuriza falls ill and takes four days sick leave whilst Shema takes care of her.

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