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365It is Batamuriza and Shema's anniversary, they both celebrate their love and receive best wishes from many people. Zaninka tells Gasore not to marry Shantali whilst she is in jail; she wants them to wait six years.
364Gasore and Shantali promise each other they will never listen to rumours spread by other people again. The head of Mugereko is chased by the vandals and criminals for his support of Batamuriza and Shema's peace and unity group.
363Rutaganira is praised for accepting the blame for his actions. Batamuriza's boss refuses to get her a car and a driver for her trip. Anastasia and Rita try in vain to separate Gasore and Shantali.
362Anastasia is still bitterly hostile towards the people of Muhumuro. Muzatsinda and Samvura try to get her to see sense, but she is stubborn. Shema and Batamuriza are pleased with the amount of support they are getting for their cause.
361Gasore proposes to Shantali, but she needs some time to think. Manyobwa begins looking for a suitable husband after Seromba disappears.

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