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185Mugenga plans to torture his own son, Hirwa, for his peacekeeping efforts. Zananka is unwell due to a nightmare she had about Batamuriza and Shema having a child together. Kananga rushes to tell Bahizi and Zaninka that the refugees have left the camp and are returning to Muhumuro.
184Muzatsinda and Gakwaya visit Muhumuro, but Muzatsinda suggests they take a shortcut. Manyobwa is demanding a reward from Nyiranjishi that she intends to give to Seromba.
183Samvura and Anastasia go for a walk to Manyobwa’s pub, but on the way they see Gasore and Anastasia are scared. When he sees Anastasia, Gasore gets on his knees and asks for forgiveness. Nyirandatwa rescues Hirwa from his father; they flee to Yuliyana.
182The youth are delighted with the support Hirwa gives the people of Muhumuro, but his father still has a deep hatred of them. Seromba is summoned to appear before the village officials for killing a goat, and Gasore is excited to spend the day with Shantali.
181Anastasia is recovering from the trauma she suffering; her family are helping her through the tough time. Hirwa is congratulated for his support of the reconciliation process in Muhumuro. Shema and Batamuriza talk about what it would be like getting married in Mugereko.

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