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140Rutaganira stands beside the refugees who are preparing to leave, he tries to convince them to stay. Shema puts aside his problems with Josiane and tries to reconcile with her.
139Anastasia vanishes without a trace. Samvura goes out looking for her, but has no luck. Mugenga is against the return of the refugees, he tries to convince people to leave them where they are. Manyobwa gives Gihayima a job at his pub as his secretary.
138The peacemakers from both villages try to arrange the return home of the refugees. Josiane writes a letter to Shema telling him to break off his relationship with Batamuriza.
137Muzatsinda and Gihana try to organise how the refugees will return home. Batamuriza receives a letter from the police, but is unsure what it is about.
136Dativa attacks Kigingi purely because he is from Muhumuro; she accuses him of stealing his son. Hirwa is ashamed of his mother's actions. Batamuriza finds out about Zaninka and Rutaganira's plans to kill Shema and his furious. Shema is ashamed and embarrassed that Josiane insulted Batamuriza.

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