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150The policeman who is interviewing Batamuriza confesses his love to her and asks for Batamuriza's response; she doesn't know what to say. Gihayima promises the refugees he will protect them against the thugs who are planning on attacking them.
149Kananga and his friends try to sabotage the work the villagers are doing helping the refugees. They come up with a plan to get rid of the refugees and send them back to Bumanzi. Shema introduces Josiane to his parents; Gihayima doesn't like her.
148Everyone thanks Dativa for her hard work in feeding, clothing and providing shelter for the refugees. Josiane is affectionate to Shema, but she also says something that he takes offence to. Manyobwa's business starts to decline; he is in financial trouble.
147The people of Muhumuro come together to build houses for the refugees whose accommodation was destroyed during the war.
146Kigingi speaks out against the hate the history teacher is spreading. He tells the class the real history of the conflict between the two villages to counter the lies of the teacher. Batamuriza explains the situation between Shema, Josiane and herself to the policeman. Seromba and Monyobwa have lunch, Seromba chokes on a Brochette and nearly suffocates.

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