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170Mbarubukeye goes to check on Josiane and finds Mugenga is already there. Kigingi and Hirwa approach the headmaster of the school with an idea; they want to make a collection to raise money to bring aid to the refugees. The headmaster is supportive of the idea.
169Support for the extremists in Bumanzi is at a low. Batamuriza and Shema reach Mugereko; on their journey they talked about ideas for peace building and their feelings towards each other. Shantali supports Gasore's role in the youth association, and Mbarubukeye and Mugenga kidnap Josiane.
168Gihayima gets a temporary job with Manyobwa in the refugee camp. He criticises the villagers from Muhumuro for their blind hatred of Mbarubukeye.
167Gihana is attacked and beaten up by Mugenga. Manyobwa goes to get a pregnancy test to determine whether or not her suspicions are correct.
166Despite objections from their friends and family, Shema and Batamuriza start their journey to Mugereko. Kigingi and Hirwa try to persuade their fellow citizens to be peaceful to their neighbours, rather than to fight them. Meanwhile, Manyobwa thinks she may be pregnant.

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