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120Mbarubukeye and Mugenga disperse the arms they bought throughout the region. Muzatsinda also tells Batamuriza she saw Shema; this brings back painful feelings for her.
119Shantali is released from prison. She delivers a message to Batamuriza from Shema.
118Muzatsinda is wounded and Gafotozi and Shantali are arrested during the protests. Rutaganira uses the opportunity to fabricate allegations against the young protesters. Mukahirwa tells Batamuriza that she saw Shema; Batamuriza can't understand how.
117The youth start their protest against the hatred and divisionism that plagues the two villages. They try instilling messages of peace and reconciliation, but it falls on deaf ears. The mob attack the youth during the protests.
116Gihayima threatens the mayor with violence. Zaninka continues to argue with Batamuriza over her objections to the conflict, but she stands by her argument.

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