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135Batamuriza tries to warn Shema that Kananga, Rutaganira and Zaninka plan to murder him. Manyobwa tries to get Gihayima to fight his rivals. Meanwhile, Hirwa makes friends with Kigingi, but his mother disapproves of it.
134Dativa tells her husband to prepare for more attacks from Muhumuro. Rutaganira and Zaninka tell Batamuriza to avenge her rejection from Shema.
133Shema introduces Josiane to Batamuriza and Shantali. They both look down on the way Josiane behaves. Batamuriza visits her sister in law in hospital. Whilst she is there she notices that Mukakibibi is traumatized, so she tries to council her.
132The youth managed to bring Hirwa back home, but the people of Muhumuro are mistreating the refugees from Bumanzi. Batamuriza finds out about Shema's feelings for Josiane; she is happy for him. Meanwhile, Mukandutiye falls sick.
131The mayor goes to the refugee camp in order to try and free his family. Gakwaya is struggling with his trauma from the conflict. Batamuriza asks Rutaganira and Zaninka if they can work with the youth to find a way for them to return. Shantali questions Shema about his feelings for Josiane.

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