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160Mbarubukeye doesn't want Shema to invite people from Muhumuro to his wedding, but he agrees to sell a cow for his dowry. Batamuriza goes to the refugee camps to deliver aid she has collected, but whilst she is doing this Kavumbutse attempts to poison her. Samusoni tries to get the youth of both villages to support the people in Mugereko, who are going through a similar conflict.
159Samvura and Gihana go to visit their friends in the refugee camp. Gasore asks Shantali to help with a youth organization he is planning. Batamuriza unwraps the present Shema gave her; it's a photo album of their time together. Josiane is jealous of how well they are both getting on.
158Bahizi and Gasore are released from prison but Zaninka and Rutaganira ban them from Batamuriza's birthday party. Batamuriza has invited people from both villages to the party, including Shema.
157Some thugs murder Gafotozi. The villagers hold a ceremony and bury him in the village. Zaninka and Kananga go to Rutaganira to help them win a fight; he considers it. They then argue over who should marry whom. Meanwhile, Batamuriza is preparing for her birthday.
156Mbarubukeye asks Shema to provide a final list of the people he wants to invite to his wedding. Shema turns down one of the dates offered by the priest for the wedding as it is Batamuriza's birthday and he wants her to attend.

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