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115Bapfakurera and Muzatsinda think that the residents of Muhumuro are preparing to pillage Bumanzi. Batamuriza's family condemn her efforts to pacify the people and prevent the conflict.
114The refugees from Bumanzi try to leave, but Gihana warns the authorities and they are stopped. Shantali and Mukahirwa are against the marriage of Shema and Josiane, but he announces their engagement to his family.
113Still believing Shema to be gone, Batamuriza agrees to marry someone else. Shantali and Batamuriza both stand up against those who are trying to organize the conflict.
112Gakwaya informs Samvura's family that a war is being prepared. Batamuriza tries to persuade people to negotiate, rather than fight. Maritini is deceived out of money by a crook.
111Bapfakurera searches for more information from the Muhumuro extremists. Batamuriza continues her search for Shema.

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