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145Kigingi and Hirwa denounce the history teacher who has been fuelling the conflict between the two villages and dividing the classroom. Zaninka is very pleased with the gift that Gafotozi gives her.
144The refugees from Bumanzi try to leave, but Gihana warns the authorities and they are stopped. Shantali and Mukahirwa are against the marriage of Shema and Josiane, but he announces their engagement to his family.
143Gihayima argues with the mayor about the situation with the refugees; he asks him to go into the camp and pacify the people who are causing trouble. Shema is working with his family to try and find a solution to the hostility in the refugee camp.
142Zaninka and Rutaganira continue to fuel the conflict by spreading lies about each side. Batamuriza argues with Josiane about Shema; she thinks there is something going on between them. Meanwhile, Shema is trying to work out the logistics of getting the refugees back home.
141The citizens from both villages continue to try and resolve the refugee problem. Batamuriza gets a visit from the police to ask about a letter she wrote. Kigingi returns to school; the youth manage to raise enough money to cover his school fees.

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