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110The people of Bumanzi call a meeting to discuss whether to attack Muhumuro. Rita listens in and reports back to the people of Muhumuro that Bumanzi plan to buy guns, fuelling the antagonisms and mistrust between the two groups.
109Kananga and Rutaganira are delighted about Shema's disappearance. Batamuriza has a change of heart and decides to return home to Shema to ask forgiveness.
108The feelings are beginning to change in Bumanzi, the inhabitants are starting to support the conflict with Muhumuro. Manyobwa pays Batamuriza a visit; he decides to refute the rumours about Shema.
107The inhabitants of Bumanzi call a meeting to decide what should be done about the continuing conflict. The abbess is doubtful that Gihayima is who he says he is and gets him to prove it. Gihayima puts on Shema's clothes to try and convince her.
106Rutaganira continues to fuel the conflict between the two villages. Gihayima decides to pretend he's Shema and go and visit Batamuriza in the convent, but the abbess refuses him entry.

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