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195The headmaster congratulated Hirwa for his good will, and his efforts to resist his father’s incitements to hatred. When he returns to school, his classmates cheer him up by doing the activities they learnt at the camp. Batamuriza explains to Shema how Mudaraza tried to kidnap her.
194The youth come and see what they can do to help and support the refugees. Shema knocks on Batamuriza’s door, but she won’t let him in. Mudaraza tries to kidnap Batamuriza by asking her for help when his car won’t start.
193Hirwa returns home, but his father continues to torment him. Mbarubukeye and Mugenga are interrogated by the police about the damage to Gakewya’s crops. Seromba and Manyobwa continue to share the responsibilities of their business.
192The mayor comes to visit the refugee camp, but he tells Rutaganira to go back home. He assures the people of Muhumuro that the village will be rebuilt, stronger and better than before. Shema goes to visit Batamuriza and asks her about Mudaraza; she tells him that he’s important for the peace-building process.
191Mbarubukeye and Mugenga damage Gakwaya’s crops; he predicted the attacks far in advance. As a result, they set up an evening patrol to try and combat any further vandalism. Garasiynai goes to visit Batamuriza to thank her for the training she is giving. Meanwhile, Manyobwa is disappointed by Seromba’s gift.

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