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155Some residents of Bumanzi take in friends and family who have had their homes destroyed by the conflict. The policeman who confessed his love to Batamuriza asks for her response, but she still doesn't know what to say. Manyobwa and Seromba investigate the possibility of setting up a business in the refugee camp.
154Anastasia meets her husband after being apart for a long time; they chat about old times. Gihayima tells Zaninka that he is going to propose to her, and Shema and Josiane fix a date for their wedding.
153 Bahizi and Gasore feel nostalgic about their home village after eating some local food. Batamuriza is preparing for her birthday party, but she is unsure whether to invite Shema or not. The villagers from Bumanzi offer Manyobwa and Seromba some much-needed work; they are very happy to have some money again.
152The people of Bumanzi throw a big party when the refugees arrive; Samvura is overjoyed and thanks all of his friends for the support. Gihayima surprises the mayor when he returns to his office.
151The people of Bumanzi leave the refugee camp but are ashamed about their appearance. Batamuriza doesn't know what to tell the policeman; she is unsure how she feels. Shema and the other villagers from Bumanzi prepare a celebration for the return of the refugees.

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