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165Samvura and Gihana are released from prison. Bahizi and Zaninka tell Batamuriza not to go to Mugereko, when she refuses they restrain her. But despite her family's disapproval, she is determined to go with Shema.
164Batamuriza and Shema's colleagues suggest they go to Mugereko, but it is unclear why.
163Samvura and Gihana meet with Mugenga to try and recruit him to their peace building campaign. He agrees and helps them resettle the refugees. Manyobwaand Seromba discuss what they are going to call their unborn child.
162Gakwaya and Muzatsinda organize the return of the refugees to Muhumuro. The neighbours in the village come together to talk about Shema and Josiane's failed wedding. Josiane claims Shema owes her Rwf1,000,000.
161Kananga spreads more rumours about the people of Bumanzi, in an attempt to try and widen the gap between the two villages. Shema cancels the wedding and breaks up with Josiane when he finds out she was involved in the poisoning of Batamuriza. He explains the reasons to his parents and returns the dowry to his father.

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