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200Gakwaya accuses Mugenga and Mbarubukeye of destroying his crops; he presents two witnesses of the event to the mayor. Nyirandatwa condemns Mbarubukeye for his actions. Gasore goes to visit Zaninka, brining a loincloth and some money as a gift. Gihayima asks Rutaganira to be his best man.
199Mbarubukeye goes to the mayor to try and get him to falsely imprison Samvura and Gihana, but he refuses. Gasore bumps into Rutaganira and tries to convince him to return to Muhumuro. The headmaster disciplines the history teacher, and tells him to stop harassing Hirwa. Much to their disappointment, Seromba and Manyobwa’s Brochette business is failing.
198Shema and Batamuriza look for the nearest date to get married. The history teacher is called into the headmaster’s office and asked to explain why Hirwa wasn’t allowed to sit his exam.
197The people of both villages decide to come together to patrol the area to prevent any future vandalism. The mayor tries to convince Rutaganira to come back home, but he is scared of being indicted if he returns. Hirwa’s history teacher doesn’t allow him to sit a test because he doesn’t have enough credits.
196Samvura and Gihana escape through the windows from Mbarubukeye’s house where they have been imprisoned. The refugees ask Rutaganira if the village is safe; he assures them it is. Manyobwa and Seromba go to ask Gasore if they can lease his land.

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