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130Zaninka continues to give bad advice to Rutaganira; she encourages him to keep fighting. But after finding out that the mayor and his family are dying from disease, Rutaganira ignores her advice.
129Homeless, Rutaganira seeks shelter with they mayor, but he refuses to let him stay. Shema Batamuriza and Shantali try to figure out where they can get some aid to help the refugees.
128Rutaganira is captured and tortured by the refugees; they accuse him of engendering the conflict between the two villages. However, he is rescued by those he hates the most, Samvura, Bapfakurera and Muzatsinda. Batamuriza returned to the nunnery to talk to the abbess about Shema.
127The Bumanzi extremists go hunting for Maritini as they believe he tipped Samvura off, enabling him to escape. The youth provide support and help for the refugees of the conflict. Batamuriza goes to visit Shema in Jail, but is told that he has been released.
126Zaninka and Rutaganira are both beaten and wounded by the attack and their homes are destroyed. The residents of each village take refuge from the violence. Rutaganira and Zaninka are taken to hospital.

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