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180Mugenga boasts to Rutaganira about how he made the refugees tremble with fear. Mukahirwa and Shantali find out information about Batamuriza and Shema. Muzatsinda praises the help Hirwa is giving to the people of Muhumuro in rebuilding their houses.
179The solidarity camp is proving to be a helpful tool in the reconciliation process. Zaninka goes to meet Muzatsinda and Rutaganira, and Josiane is ready to come home.
178Mugenga promised Kigingi a pig, but he is refusing to give it to him. Hirwa, Kigingi and their fellow students all go to give support to the refugees. Nyiranjishi canít find Josiane, and Manyobwa tells him she wants to be rewarded with a goat. Gasore writes a love letter to Shantali.
177Josiane falls into a coma and no one knows why, but after a little while she regains consciousness. Rutaganira is pleased with the way the house is rebuilt, but Bahizi, Kananga and Zaninka criticise it because their enemies built it. Batamuriza and Shema continue to get support for peace building from the people of Mugereko.
176Zaninka praises Rutaganira for dehumanizing Mugenga. Samvura and Gihana try to work out what the best way to pacify the criminals would be. Rutaganira tries to steal the aid that is heading to the refugees.

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