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190Zaninka and the other extremists are still spreading false rumours about the people of Bumanzi. Shema goes to Samusoni for some advice about Batamuriza; he is worried about Mudarazaís behaviour towards her. Seromba brings a present to Manyobwa.
189Nyirandatwa and Muzatsinda, who were previously enemies, appear to be getting on well; Mbarubukeye is jealous. She tries to break off this new friendship, and convince him to keep him as an enemy.
188Mugenga canít stop thinking about his son, he really misses him. The people of Bumanzi go to Muhumuro to help them rebuild their village; they construct a well together. After the training, Shema goes looking for Batamuriza and finds that she has left. Manyobwa and Seromba go to Muhumuro to see if they can make an investment there.
187Mugenga gets a letter from Hirwa, but when he opens it, he is unsure it is actually from him. Gasore tells his family to return to their home, reassuring them that Muhumuro is now a safe place. Batamuriza continues to train the people of Mugereko on peace building and reconciliation.
186The refugees in Muhumuro finally arrive home; Samvura and Anastasia go to greet their friends on their return. Mugenga and Mbarubukeye keep planning a retaliation against the people of Muhumuro. Zaninka starts spreading rumours that the refugees didnít make it back home because some Bumanzi extremists killed them.

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