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125The Bumanzi residents attack Rutaganira and his gang in retaliation for a grenade attack on Samvura'shome.
124As the invasion of Muhumuro begins, Mbarubukeye and Mugenga plot to kill Samvura. The police catch up with Shema and arrest him.
123Upon hearing Shema's news, Batamuriza collapses into a coma. Rutaganira accuses Shema of kidnapping Batamuriza. The mayor tells the police to arrest Shema.
122Maritini, Mbarubukeye and Mugenga prepare attack Muhumuro. Batamuriza is desparate to hear from Shema, she askes him for forgiveness but Shema has a new girlfriend.
121Extremists in Bumanzi and Muhumuro are now armed and ready to fight. Shema finds out that Batamuriza has left the nunnery, but tells Shantali that he no longer loves her.

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