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175Zaninka, Kananga and Bahizi begin to believe the rumours and flee the refugee camps. Mbarubukeye is looking for someone to accompany Josiane to Shema's house.
174Zaninka starts spreading the rumour that the refugee camp is about to be invaded by thugs and criminals. Kigingi and Hirwa go to collect the aid for the refugees.
173Mugenga gets some advice about the news he receives from Gihayima. Batamuriza writes to Shantali about Shema and Manyobwa explains why Gasore is a hero. Mugenga and Mbarubukeye are still arguing over Josiane.
172 Gakwaya and Muzatsinda persuade Zaninka to return home; they tell her that her house has been rebuilt. Gasore asks the people of Bumanzi for forgiveness for his role in the conflict. Mbarubukeye is having trouble sleeping; he can't stop thinking about Shema's troubles.
171Mbarubukeye and Mugenga fight over who will be with Josiane, who they have kidnapped. Gihayima tells Mugenga that Dativa is getting married to someone from Muhumuro. The youth come up with a plan to rebuild the houses that were destroyed by the conflict.

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