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300Gihana and Samvura are impressed by the way Rutaganira behaves on his return. Zaninka is anxious and continues to try and encourage Rutaganira and her other sons to flee.
299Another meeting is called between the two villages, this time Rutaganira is present. He claims he has changed his ways and askes the community for a pardon. At school, Hirwa wants to become promoter of peace, with the intention of creating a good working relationship between students and staff.
298Zaninka is very emotional when Rutaganira returns, but she is worried he will be taken straight to court to be sentenced. At hospital Batamuriza discovers that her sickness is due to the fact she is pregnant. When she finds out, she goes straight back to work.
297Rutaganira’s return comes as a shock to many. He is now converted to a peaceful way of thinking, and committed to finding ways in which the two villages can work together to help eachother. Gasore was just about to give up on Shantali when he finds out that she shares his feelings.
296Rutaganira returns home after fleeing the region. Batamuriza falls ill and is taken to the hospital. However, the hospital is far and they struggle to find the transport to get her there. Furthermore, their landlord refuses to reduce the rent; he tells them that if they cannot pay it, they must move out.

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