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235Everyone is uncertain of Zaninka’s death, but people are mourning regardless. However, Mugenga and Mbarubukeye are celebrating her death as it has prevented Shema from marrying Batamuriza.
234Zaninka vanishes. Muzatsinda finds a blood-stained banner in her house. Rutaganira announces Zaninka’s death to the village and tells the couple to postpone the wedding, but the youth continue to prepare for the ceremony.
233Kananga shows a love letter from Gasore to Shantali to Zaninka. She breaks down in tears when she finds out. The youth continue to help with the wedding preparations; they clean Batamuriza’s home and help around the house.
232Bahizi and Zaninka want to sell the cows that were given as Batamuriza’s dowry, but Rutaganira and Gasore think they should keep them as a sign of love between the two families. Samusoni gives Shema Rwf150,000 for their youth peace-building project in Mugereko.
231Gihana and Samvura decide to increase their evening patrols to strengthen the security of the area. Muzatsinda speaks to the peacekeepers to tell them to prevent any violence in the region. Shantali and Mukahirwa suspect Josiane has plotted to kill Shema, to prevent him from marrying Batamuriza. Gasore writes a love letter to Shantali.

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