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280Residents from both Bumanzi and Muhumuro demonstrate against Rutaganiraís appointment to the peace committee. Shema finds a pitch to trade his goods, things are looking good for the couple.
279Some people of Bumanzi criticise the fact that Rutaganira is on the committee set up to resolve the conflict between the two villages. They argue that he should be punished, rather than rewarded. Batamuriza and Shema settle all their debts and pay their rent with her first pay check.
278Gasoreís family forbids him from seeing Shantali, as she is from Bumanzi. Bahizi and Zaninka tell him that people from Bumanzi are like animals, not people. Shema and Batamuriza celebrate her first pay check.
277Mugenga and Mbarubukeye argue with Rutaganira over his will to resolve the conflict between the two villages. Batamuriza has an accident whilst she is learning to ride a motorbike. At school, Makenga and Didier argue over the conflicts their parents have.
276The day of the discussions between Muhumuro and Bumanzi arrives. Rutaganira urges people to forgive rather than be intent on punishment. Batamuriza is concerned about her bossís advances. Meanwhile, Josiane and Melodie argue over a boy.

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