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230Hirwa learns a lot from the conversation Kigingi’s parents has with his parents. Josiane visits Shema’s family to give him her regards; Gihana also visits Shema looking for some advice. Gihayima prepares his speech for the wedding; he rehearses it in front of the peace building club.
229Both Mbarubukeye and Zaninka separately vow to prevent the wedding from taking place. But Gakwaya and Muzatsinda go about the villages encouraging support for Batamuriza and Shema. Zaninka condemns Bahizi for accepting the dowry. Mukahirwa and Shantali are delighted with the gift Gasore gives Shantali.
228As Mbarubukeye refuses to attend the wedding, Muzatsinda and Gakwaya offer to take his role in the ceremony. Melodi keeps giving food and aid to Rutaganira’s family.
227Mbarubukeye keeps trying to prevent the wedding, but Shema will not listen to him.
226Zaninka chases the cows away that Rutaganira gave to the couple as a dowry. Shema and Batamuriza both continue with the preparations for the ceremony.

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