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240Zaninkaís family ended their mourning period. Rutaganira goes to thank everyone who has offered help and support, especially the people in Bumanzi. Kananga breaks down in tears and tells people he thinks she is alive. Manyobwa and Seroma go looking for Shema to collect the rest of the money he owes them.
239Rutaganira calls a family meeting at his house to talk about Zaninka. After much discussion, they decide to stop looking for her body. He thanks everyone for their help and support in the search.
238As Zaninkaís body still canít be found, the mourning for her death increases. Shema goes to his mother for some advice on what to do about his wedding. Garasiyani goes to see Josiane to talk about the escalating conflicts in Mugereko.
237Zaninkís body still canít be found. Seromba and Manyobwa ask Shema to repay the dowry they gave him.
236People from both villages continue to search for Zaninkaís body. Samusoni visits Shema and Batamuriza to deliver a message to comfort them.

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