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250Zaninka asks her sons and daughters to find her RwF100,000; she suggests they sell the wedding dowry. The intruder in Shema and Batamuriza’s house turns out to be Gihayima, who is protecting the area.
249Gakwaya tells the peace builders that he has been to see Zaninka. They decide to invite her to their meeting, but she sends Kananga instead. She tells him to spy on the peace builders and report back the things they say about her. When Shema and Batamuriza arrive home, they find someone in their house; Shema is ready to fight.
248Muzatsinda visits Smvura’s family to talk about the wedding; they all consider it to be a step forward for the two villages. They agree that getting the two sides to talk about their shared historical background will help the peace building process.
247Mbarubukeye and Gihayima have an argument at Shema’s house; Gihayima criticizes Mbarubukeye for hating his own son. Shema and Batamuriza phone Migabo to ask him to check on their house. They discuss the coming struggles they will have in unifying the two villages.
246Mbarubukeye vows never to accept Batamuriza into the family, even though she is now his daughter-in-law. Shema and Batamuriza arrive at their hotel, but Batamuriza suddenly realises she forgot to close the door to their house. Gihayima is upset he didn’t get the chance to do his speech at the wedding.

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