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285Shantali goes to visit residents of Muhumuro for the first time. She meets with Gasore’s family, but they aren’t too pleased to see her. Batamuriza tells Muhorakeye of her ideas as to how to increase their work and efficiency in their pursuit of peace in the region.
284Rutaganira has left the two villages, no one can figure out why. Batamuriza tells Shema about her boss which deeply troubles him. The rest of Zaninka’s family doesn’t want to go to the peace meetings without Rutaganira.
283Mugenga and Mbarubukeye suspect fowl play regarding the conclusion of the peace talks between the two villages. Batamuriza’s boss askes her to stay after work; she’s worried about what he could want. At school, Hirwa’s teacher falsely accuses him of inciting conflict between the pupils.
282Rutaganira is missing; he never returned from a meeting the previous day. Zaninka and Mukandutiye are worried about him. Batamuriza doesn’t go to work after Shema is robbed, they are both concerned about their financial situation.
281Talks between the two villages regarding Rutaganira’s position continue. Shema begins selling clothes at his pitch, but thieves steal his purse with 100,000 francs. Manyobwa and Seromba find out they are expecting a child.

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