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210Mbarubukeye locks Nyirandatwa away for her role in aiding the people of Muhumuro. Kananga runs to Zaninka to tell her that he thinks the refugee camp is going to be raided. Bahizi gets a cooking job in Manyobwa’s pub. The youth club keeps up its peace-building activities.
209Samvura and Gihana go around the village collecting aid for the victims of the conflict. Rutaganira breaks up a fight between Seromba and Gihayima.
208Anastasia is against Samvura’s support of their neighbours; she wants to take revenge on the villagers from Muhumuro. Mudaraza tries to hit Shema with her car, but misses. Mukahirwa brings Gasore a letter from Melodi.
207All the support the people of Bumanzi are giving Rutaganira makes him feel uneasy. The mayor promises Rutaganira he will increase the peace building meetings in order to speed up the recovery period. The two sides meet to asses the progress of the peace building process.
206Mugenga and Mbarubukeye continue to stir up trouble, but they are worried by the return of Rutaganira and his gang. Whilst having a driving lesson, Josiane tells Mudaraza to hit Shema with the car. Melodi joins the others in giving aid and food to Rutaganira.

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