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265Batamuriza eventually convinces Shema to support her taking the job in Mugereko; she suggests that they go together.
264Shantali goes for a swim and nearly drowns; she is deeply traumatized by her experience. Nyirandatwa urges Shema to have a long discussion with Batamuriza about their problems. Gihayima visits Shema and Batamuriza to invite them to his wedding and congratulate them on their marriage. Josiane plans to kill herself using a car.
263Rutaganira tries to convince his brothers to come to the village meeting in Muhumuro. They all return home to discuss Zaninka’s proposal to sell the family’s property. Manyobwa offers to buy Zaninka’s land, but Seromba wants to invest in another business with their money.
262Gasore finds out that his mother is selling their family land. Batamuriza tries to convince Shema that taking a job in Mugereko is the right thing to do.
261Bahizi and Gasore disagree about the history of the two villages. Batamuriza goes to see her mother-in-law to get some advice about Shema.

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