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215The youth club welcomes Shema and Batamuriza with singing and dancing. Manyobwa eventually forgives Seromba after he catches a vulture that has been stealing meat. The radio station broadcast from Mugereko is spreading rumours and hate speech.
214Bahizi is abducted and his home is robbed. Zaninka is convinced that people from Bumanzi are responsible. Shema and Batamuriza prepare to return home for their wedding.
213Bahizi makes a trip to Muhumuro, but on his return he is terrified he will run into trouble. Mukahirwa tells Nyirandatwa to support Shema’s decision to marry Batamuriza. Seromba returns home and hides from Manyobwa; he tells Bahizi he has been at a training.
212The youth begin to clear the path between the two villages, but in the process they come across Mbarubukeye who stops them. Muzatsinda and Gakwaya go to the mayor’s office to check the feedback on the indictments.
211Gakwaya, Muzatsinda and Rutaganira all go for a beer together. Zaninka and Bahizi carry on spreading rumours that the Bumanzi villagers are going to carry out another raid. Shema and Batamuriza tell their home villages that they are going to get married.

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