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225Both Zaninka and Mbarubukeye are unwell due to their distain for the wedding.
224The evening patrol see Zaninka hiding; when they call her name she runs away. Rutaganira meets with Gasore to prepare for Batamurizaís wedding; he prepares several cows for the dowry. Because their parents will not attend the coupleís wedding, Samvura decides to represent Mbarubukeye, and Gihana decides to represent Munyemanzi.
223Kananga is too scared to go home; he is worried someone will attack him. Zaninka continues to try and prevent Batamuriza from marrying Shema. Samvura thanks Shema for his on-going peacekeeping efforts.
222Gakwaya tells Muzatsinda and Rutaganira that Zaninka is refusing to eat or drink. Shantali and Mukahirwa go looking for a thoughtful present to give Batamuriza and Shema for their wedding. The parents of the couple refuse to attend the wedding, but the youth club canít wait for the ceremony.
221Zaninka explains to her sons why she let Kananga stay in their house without asking them. Gihana and Rita are very supportive of Shema and Batamurizaís wedding. Shema has another discussion with his father about his wedding, but he continues to oppose it. The headmaster warns Hirwa not to pay attention to his parentís discriminative thoughts.

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