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295Anastasia still refuses to enter into the conversation between Bumanzi and Muhumuro; she says she is not willing to sit with vandals. The news Shema received turns out to be from their landlord; he wants to increase the rent significantly.
294A landmark decision is reached between the two villages. After much deliberation the two villages eventually decide to work together and share the crops in the valley between the two hills. Batamuriza is delighted by the news; all of their hard work was worth it. All is not well for Shema though, as Samusoni delivers some bad news.
293The people of Bumanzi are suspicious of the reconciliation meetings as Zaninka is there, and she clearly has no desire to reconcile.
292The meetings between the two villages continue to try and resolve the issue of how the conflicts began. Batamuriza receives her driving licence and Shema starts to sell his clothes at the market again.
291Rutaganira’s family receive a letter from him telling them he is alive and well. They are all still concerned about him as he doesn’t mention where he has gone. Batamuriza’s work trip is postponed at the last minute, which is a big relief to them both. Feelings of hatred and mistrust are growing at the school, Hirwa and Fiyete try to resolve this tension.

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