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260Zaninka visits Rutaganira to ask him about the cows they were given as a dowry. She wants to take the cows home, but Rutaganira tells her the decision has to be taken as a family. Shema and Batamuriza continue to argue about whether or not she should take the job she has applied for.
259Batamuriza and Shema sit an exam in Mugereko. Batamuriza passes, but she is worried about Shema’s results. Mudaraza and Josiane go for a romantic walk together; Josiane asks if they will get married.
258Despite the interruptions, the meeting went well. Rutaganira is worried that he might have been put on a list of offenders during the village meeting.
257Mbarubukeye and Mugenga plot ways to disrupt the meetings between the villagers in Bumanzi. Shema goes to Samvura for advice on how to avoid arguments with Batamuriza.
256Kananga and Zaninka try to disrupt the meeting held at Muhumuro, but Rutaganira is supportive of it. Gakwaya and Muzatsinda are optimistic about the results of the meeting. Batamuriza is preparing for her job interview.

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