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275Shema goes looking for a job he hears about, but when he arrives, he finds it has been given to someone else. This exacerbates his anxieties about finding work. Gihayima tries to persuade people that his dog can judge whether a person is a good or bad.
274Some residents of Muhumuro are put on a list of troublemakers who are against a peaceful resolution to the conflict. At one point Rutaganira was on the list, but he is now promoting a peaceful coexistence between the two villages. Batamuriza and Shema are both worried about the security in Mugereko, after a robbery takes place.
273There is a significant division between people who want to work on peace building between Bumanzi and Muhumuro, and those who want to continue the conflict. It turns out that Shema isnít angry with Batamuriza, he is angry with the maid who has stolen his watch. Manyobwa is concerned when she finds her husband taking fertility medicine.
272The youth from Bumanzi and Muhumuro make friends and join a peace club. When Batamuriza comes home after a hard day at work, Shema isnít home. When he finally does come back, they argue. Meanwhile, Mugenga tells Mbarubukeye to divorce Nyirandatwa.
271Zaninka is reluctant to accept her mistakes about the conflict and argues with her sons. Batamuriza gets a new job in their new home town, taking charge of peace building in the region. However, she does not have a driving licence, which causes a problem.

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