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270Rutaganira is relieved that his neighbours have agreed to fight against the conflict. Shema and Batamuriza finally arrive at Mugereko, but Shema is injured during the journey.
269Mugenga and Mbarubukeye's names are posted on a list of people who vandalised Muhumuro. This only angers them further; they continue to fight their neighbours. Batamuriza and Shema’s journey to Mugereko is long and arduous, they argue through much of it.
268Mukahirwa advises Yuliana and Anastasia about how best to treat someone who is traumatized. The family is preparing for the move from Bumanzi to Mugereko, where Batamuriza's new job is.
267After all of the criminals have been named in the village meetings, attendance levels drop. Meanwhile, Shema and Batamuriza prepare for their new life in Mugereko. Manyobwa goes to Nyiranjishi for advice on civil marriages.
266Rutaganira disagrees with the structure of the village meetings. Mudaraza, Josiane and Melodiall go for a walk to discuss their problems. Mudaraza tries to resolve the tensions between Josiane and Melodi. Mukahirwa opens up to Gasore about a traumatic event she experienced.

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