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290Zaninka and Kananga try to make some money so they can escape; they are worried they will be punished in place of Rutaganira who fled the region.
289Rutaganira’s family continue to worry about him. They are concerned that he might have been attacked on his journey away from the region. Batamuriza is uncomfortable at work. Shema tells her she shouldn’t accompany her boss abroad. This means she now has to choose between her husband and her job. Gasore tells Shantali he loves her.
287The peace talks between the two villages are postponed due to a poor turn out. Batamuriza is concerned after her boss informs her that she has been chosen to accompany him on a month long field trip. She looks to Shema for advice.
286Criminals from both of the villages are to be judged in the peace talks. This deeply worries Zaninka. Batamuriza’s boss and colleagues praise her for the work she has done in building peace within the community.

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