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545The two villages continue to work well together and production at the food processing plant is thriving. The news that Josiane dumped her child at Shema and Batamuriza’s house is spreading throughout the region; people have mixed reactions to the news. Fidusiya is recovering from her abortion. She is released from hospital but is depressed; her friends go to comfort her.
544Batamuriza is furious with Josiane for dumping her child on her and Shema; she lets off some steam by talking about the situation to her work colleauges. After many visits, Donati is released from hospital.
543Bahizi is suffering from perpetrator trauma; he is drinking heavily and is showing signs of aggression and depression. Things are tense between Shema and Batamuriza; Josiane’s child renewed old arguments between the couple.
542Josiane dumps her child at Shema and Batamuriza’s house unannounced. Fidusiya slips on some spilt liquid and falls badly. After the fall she finds out she has to abort the baby.
541Bahizi is released from prison, but he is still reluctant to work in the cooperative. Rutaganira and Mukandutiye try to encourage him to join the others in an attempt to reunite with the community. Meanwhile in Mugereko, it is suspected that the escalating violence is related to a to Donati’s traffic accident.

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