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530Citizens from both villages welcome Bahizi back from prison, they are happy to see that he has changed. After their time apart, Shema and Batamuriza visit Zaninka in prison, but she has not changed and condemns Batamuriza for marrying someone from Bumanzi. The peacemakers in Mugereko gather parents and children to exchange ideas on how to help resolve conflicts between the two generations.
529Bahizi is release from prison; his family warn him never to spread hatred about others again. Batamuriza reaches Shema and apologised for doubting him. Gafarasi wanders weather he is the one who made Josiane pregnant.
528Gasore thanks Donati for the position and starts his new job in the youth office in Mugereko. Nyirandatwa argues with Josiane for spreading the rumours about Shema. The peacemakers continue to work hard in Mugereko.
527Citizens of the two villages congratulate the people of Mugereko for the progress they are making. Batamuriza makes her way to Bumanzi to see Shema, she can't wait to see him. Gasore gets a new job as a youth coordinator after being released from prison.
526The married men in Muhumuro all meet to discuss how they can prevent domestic violence in the village. Batamuriza is relieved to receive the news that Shema is not the father of Josiane's child. The peacemakers in Mugereko meet to exchange ideas on how to best work together and reduce discrimination in the region.

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